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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The American Journal of Botany has published a Biodiversity Special Issue that looks at taxonomy and systematics, evolutionary biology and biogeography, ecology, and conservation/restoration.

This issue consists of a number of invited papers that show how the study of biodiversity is fundamental to our understanding of life on Earth and to confronting some of the problems caused by humans. The Gonzalez Lab made two contributions to this issue.

Go to the new lab webpages to download the preprints.
Gonzalez, A., Rayfield, B., Lindo, Z. (2011) The Disentangled Bank: How Habitat Loss Fragments and Disassembles Ecological Networks.

Cardinale, B., Matulich, K., Hooper, D. U., Byrnes, J. E., Duffy, E., Gamfeldt, L., Balvanera, P., O’Connor, M.I., Gonzalez, A. (2011) The functional role of producer diversity in ecosystems.

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